Petawawa Animal Hospital

3261 Petawawa Blvd.
Petawawa, ON K8H 1X8


Our Staff

Caroline Hamelin, VOM 

Caroline Hamelin, VOM 


Position: Veterinary Office Manager

Saying: "In the event.....", or "Right??"

Hometown: Kirkland Lake, Ont.

Hobbies/Interests: YAHTZEE!! Camping, spending time with my family!

Favorite food: Pasta! and Chocolate! any kind!

Pets: Tris-Golden Retriever, Sydney-Labrador Retriever

Why Petawawa Animal Hospital? The atmosphere in this family owned clinic is what every clinic should strive for. It was an easy choice and a easy fit!


Kaitlyn Cotter

Kaitlyn Cotter


Position: Veterinary Assistant

Saying: Buddy

Hometown: Petawawa

Hobbies/Interests: Fishing and hiking

Favourite Food: Pickerel

Pets: Cats Lexie and Boo 

Why Petawawa Animal Hospital? I love working with animals and the supportive team environment.


Danielle Hamelin

Danielle Hamelin


Position: Assistant/Receptionist 

Hometown: Kirkland Lake, Ont

Hobbies/Interests: Puzzling, Xbox, Reading 

Favourite Food: Anything with Sugar

Pets: Peanut- DSH


Ashley Lipke


Position: Vet technician

Saying: Buddy I need a flush or awe I wanna take him/her home

Hometown: Pembroke, ON

Hobbies/interests: Curling, Baseball, Being outdoors or watching a movie

Favourite food: BBQ-ranch chicken bowls , Pizza Dogs

Pets: whistler (cat), in loving memory of Dixie dog in photo, and the newest member, my puppy Benny

Why Petawawa Animal Hospital? I love the supportive environment and how the environment allows me to excel in my skills. It’s working with family that you get to laugh with everyday.


Zoey, RVT

Zoey, RVT

Saying: Manifest it 

Hometown: Brighton, ON

Hobbies/Interests: Spending time outside, thrifting and collecting crystals

Favourite Food: Sushi or pickles

Pets: Yorkie X named Chicklette, a Golden Retriever named Wrigley, and 2 cats named Oscar and Stanley.

Why Petawawa Animal Hospital? Being new to Petawawa I didn’t know anyone or anything about the area. PAH welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home.





Position: Assistant/Receptionist

Hometown: Little Current, ON

Hobbies/Interests: Horseback riding, hiking with my dog, video games

Favourite Food: Steak, chips and dip

Pets: Arwen - Boxspring (Boxer x Springer Spaniel)

Why Petawawa Animal Hospital? I am new to the area and they have the small family like environment I was looking for.




Position: Assistant/ Receptionist 

Hometown: Pembroke, ON

Hobbies/Interests: Camping, hiking, fishing and spending time in the woods.

Favorite food: Poutine

Pets: Cats named Babs, Hip and Baker

Why Petawawa Animal Hospital? I love helping people and their pets.