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Microchip Implanting

What is a Microchip?
A microchip is a small transponder with a smooth glass coating. It is durable, and is the size of a grain of rice. It carries an ID number that contains a code that identifies your pet to the owner and veterinarian.

How is the Microchip implanted and how does it work?
The microchip is implanted at a veterinary office or shelter using a large sized needle to inject the chip beneath the skin between the animal’s shoulder blades. The microchip can be implanted your pet while they are awake, but commonly people will choose to microchip their pets when he or she comes in for their elective spay or neuter.

The number on the chip can be read with a hand-held scanner. When scanned, a number will show in the scanner window and that number is matched with contact information for the pet’s owner, information of the veterinary clinic (or shelter) who implanted the chip and an emergency contact person. All information is kept private.

Why should you microchip your pet?
If your pet is lost or stolen and brought to a shelter or veterinarian, the microchip number can be easily scanned and they can get in touch with the microchip company to track down the owner's information and get that pet safely home. The majority of veterinary hospitals and animal shelters in Canada are equipped with a scanner. Since microchips gained widespread, hundreds of thousands of lost pets have been reunited with their families.

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