Petawawa Animal Hospital

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Saying goodbye to a cherished pet creates a sense of loss and produces a predictable chain of emotions. Many times the decision to let your pet go instead of suffering is the best decision you can make. Most pet owners want their pet’s last moments to be as comfortable as possible and stress free. We offer several options in humane euthanasia.

Drop Off
Some owners wish not to be present during the euthanasia. We offer you the option of dropping off your pet for humane euthanasia. After filling out the required paper work, our highly trained staff will administer the euthansol solution by using gentle restraint procedures.

Owner Witnessed
Other owners want to witness their pet’s last moments. For these clients, we offer owner witnessed humane euthanasia. After filling out the required paper work, you and your pet will be provided a private exam room. Our highly trained staff will place an intravenous catheter into one of your pet's legs.  This will give the doctor easy access to a vein so that you can hold/comfort your pet if you wish to do so and the pet will be more comfortable.

In Home
Allow us to offer you the option of saying your farewells in the privacy of your own home on a case by case basis, where you and your pet feel most comfortable and safe. You can choose to keep your pet for burial, or send them with us for cremation. We can arrange to have their ashes returned to you, or to have them scattered.